Eagle Chicks at His Place Resort!

Yes, Isaac & Rebekah, our resident bald eagles, have done it again!  This is the 6th year in a row that they’ve produced eagle chicks!

You can see them across from the Observation Deck.  They hatched kind of early this year, around the 20th of February.  We believe there are two this year, as they are starting to stick their heads out of the nest…

When we first moved here, the eagles hadn’t produced chicks for several years.  As this pair is an older, more established pair, they don’t migrate like the younger eagles generally will, but stay in this area year ’round.  Several folks, including some from AGFC, said their time for chicks was behind them…

So, I waited…  No chicks in 2002.  No chicks in 2003.  I wasn’t really expecting anything in 2004, as I was pretty convinced by that time that everyone who’d told me they wouldn’t have chicks anymore was right.    But, I was still praying that they would…  I’ve always really been drawn to eagles.

Yes, yes, there are definitely more important things to bother God about — but I thought if maybe I bugged him enough about it, and if He had some spare time…  maybe I’d get some eagle chicks!

And then, 2004.  Our first batch of eagle chicks!  By this time, our pair had not produced chicks for the previous 5 years, according to the locals.  It was really cool, and made sure to thank God for what I know was a little intervention on His part!

I’ve been blessed now to see them raise chicks pretty much right in front of me for 5 years, and now going into my 6th.  Watching them hunt tirelessly to feed the chicks, teaching them how to hunt, watching them get into trouble (subject of another blog, for sure!) has been…  well…  “really cool” doesn’t even begin to describe it, folks.

Hope you can come check it out…