Somebody’s Gotta Do It

As I’ve listened to you all over the years, I’ve learned that many of you fish for many different species of fish,  and that’s one reason you choose the Ozarks — because of its fishing diversity.  So, it leads me to the conclusion that somebody’s gotta do it…  I’m afraid it’s going to take quite a long time…  It’s a huge responsibility, you know, scoping out the numerous fishing opportunities in the area…

Of course, Steve and I have been fishing on the White River since we bought the resort 8 years ago.  And we can never get enough of it!  Over the years, quite a number of our guests have taken the opportunity to fish some of the nearby waters in addition to the White River.  And since we’re in the middle of 3 rivers and 2 lakes…  well, what’s a girl (or guy) to do???  (Here are a couple of photos of a nice smallmouth and a striper off Lake Norfork this week.)



You probably already know that we’re 15 miles down from the Bull Shoals Dam on the White River, in the city of Cotter, Arkansas — Trout Capital USA.  (On the main website at we have pages of trout fishing info, video and literally hundreds of trout pictures for you to look at.)

What you may not know is about the great fishing diversity available within minutes from the resort.

For example; the Buffalo River, an un-dammed, warm water tributary whose confluence is 17 miles down from our dock, is well-known for its excellent smallmouth bass fishing, and is about 25 minutes from here.  Crooked Creek doesn’t categorize as a river, just a smaller warm water tributary, but also can have some great smallmouth fishing, too – 20 minutes from His Place Resort.

Then, there’s the North Fork River (fed by Lake Norfork) whose confluence is 29 miles down river, taking about 22 minutes by car to the dam.  Like the White River, the North Fork is a cold water trout fishery that has the same species of trout that the White River does; Rainbow, Brown, Cutthroat and even some Brook.

Then, you have the lakes; Lake Norfork has several kinds of bass; large mouth, small mouth, Stripers, Hybrids (white bass cross with Stripers), Walleye, Crappie and Catfish, but is probably most well-known for its massive Stripers.  2 different accesses, both about 20 minutes away.

Bull Shoals Lake has Largemouth, White, Spotted and Smallmouth bass, Walleye, several species of catfish, black and white crappie and bluegill, although sometimes Striper and Hybrids are caught there as well.  Several different accesses within 15 – 25 minutes from the resort.

The current record hybrid was out of Bull Shoals, even though they’ve never been stocked there…  everyone’s still trying to figure out if that hybrid was an “escapee” from a net pen experiment in 1984, or if it actually came through 3 dams to get from Beaver Lake into Bull Shoals.

So, I feel it’s my obligation, no…  my responsibility…   to let you know as much as possible about the multiple fishing opportunities in the area.  So much fishin’…  so little time.   There’s about a 15 lb. Brown trout hangin’ out by the dock this week…  and it’s got Trout Diva stamped all over it…  After all, somebody’s gotta do it.  It might as well be me.  I’ll letcha know…

Your White River Trout Diva


2 thoughts on “Somebody’s Gotta Do It”

  1. Yea, Let us know girl. If you get a chance, you jerk his teeth out! (Then put em back in and let him go) Lovin’ the blog. Gives us city-bound girls something to look forward to. I’m a graphics designer and I think it about I came up with a “Diva” logo for you. I’ll be workin’ on it.

  2. Thank you! I’d love to have a cool Trout Diva Logo! We’ll sell T-Shirts! We’ll be famous! Then we’ll go fishin’ 24/7/365! Hope to meet you soon!

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