Fishing Report – 9/6/2009

Fishing Report – 09/06/2009

The generation patterns, although fluctuating, have been on the low to medium-low for the past week, in the range of 1-2 generators, with small spiked up to 3 generators.  See the graphs below:



In our area, a somewhat wider portion of the river, there is good wade access at 2000 CFS.  That is also enough water to navigate by boat, although some shoals might require short stretches of having to drag.

Fishing, both spin & fly, has been very good.

For the bait fishermen, soft-shell crawdads, sculpin, shrimp, nightcrawlers & redworms have given the best results, it hasn’t really changed much from last week, other than nightcrawlers have been working better this week.  Hot pink Nitro worms are still working really well too, along with chartreuse power bait.

For those who like to fish artificials, the smaller Bouyant spoons in nearly any color, and Size 3 & 5 Rapala countdowns in Silver/Black and Gold/Black have been the top producers, although this week several folks have reported that the Rainbow Rapalas are doing well for them.

For fly-fishing, the White River staple, the olive woolly bugger, has also been a go-to fly — either beadhead or non-beadhead.  A few guests also reported that brown woolly buggers were working for them as well. Pink San Juan worms, beadhead midges and various Copper John-style patterns have also been effective.

My prediction for water flow for the next week is as follows:  The lakes are not particularly high, even with Bull Shoals Lake going up to almost 655.3.  However, you have to remember this time of year, decisions are made off the SEASONAL pool level, which is 656, not 654.  In other words, the Corps doesn’t have to run water just to get the Bull Shoals Lake down. 

Under these circumstances, control is back in the hands of SWPA for the time being, who will only run it for power demand.  With the moderate temperatures we’re experiencing in the region, chances are the demands will be relatively light, even with some rain in the area over the last few days.  So my guess is we’ll see more of the same this week.  This is good news for waders and boaters!

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