Dams are Good; so’s the Trout Fishing

Hello, everyone!

Lots of people have been calling to ask us what’s going on with the River?  Well, I’ve decided this; Dams are Good, and I’m glad I’m near one.

Yes, there has been rain and severe weather in the region, but the worst has missed us for the most part.  No, we haven’t had any tornadoes here, thank God…  Wind did knock down a couple of our trees just the other night.  It’s been lovely the last 2 days, and went back to somewhat overcast today.

The White River in our stretch was muddy for 2 days, and we did have sticks, grass, logs, etc., floating past us on and off for that time, but it cleared up quickly.  They’ve been running 1 to 3 generators for the last couple of days, and the fishing is good.

Folks wonder why our conditions are better up here.  It’s simply just our location.  We’re only 15 miles down from Bull Shoals Dam.  There are only a few minor creeks between us and there.  (The larger undammed tributaries, Crooked Creek and the Buffalo River, are about 11 and 17 river miles down from us, respectively.)

“Dirty” or “Trashy” water conditions are cumulative.  In other words, the farther down a river from the dam you go, the more mud & debris enters it from the creeks and other tributaries.  Today (4/30/2011), you can see from our Live River Cam shot we have excellent conditions.

4/30/2011 Live River Cam Shot

But what is going to happen in the near future in regards to river flow?  For those who would like a really in-depth view, look at http://www.hisplaceresort.net/River-flow.htm.

But let me give you the Reader’s Digest version.  Beaver Lake and Table Rock Lake are on their way down, therefore, Bull Shoals is on it’s way up, expecting to crest around 5/11/2011.

So, they will be, at some point, running more water than the 1 – 3 or 4 they have been.  This is great news for you trophy fishermen and boaters!  I guarantee I’m going to be taking advantage of it…  Trout Diva needs some new fishing photos to share with you! The last time we had high water was some of the best trout fishing we’ve ever seen.

Give us a call and we’ll be happy to set you up with a guide.  The last time we had high spring flows, people who have never caught Brown Trout before were catching them right and left…  from 18 to 26 inches.  It was crazy!

And now that we’ve had 2 years with the new restrictions on Browns, we fully expect more of the same…  🙂  The trout don’t quit biting because of high water, they have to eat more!  It leaves them fewer places to feed efficiently, and makes the larger fish much less spooky, and somewhat more predictable.  It’s an opportunity you’ll want to take advantage of!

If you’re used to wading, it’s time to learn how to fish from a boat!  I have a video, Big Water Fishing (look here) showing you how high-water fly fishing is done!  We can also set you up with our top notch fly fishing guides.  Don’t let higher water prevent you from some of the best trout fishing you can experience.

We’ll keep you posted…

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