We’re Fine… We’re Trout Fishin’

Hello, everyone!

Yes, we’ve had some high water!  From what I’m told, it was more than has been released from the Bull Shoals Dam since its creation.  Maximum release was about 58,600 cubic feet/second.  Thazzalot!  (To put that in perspective, 8 generators at absolute maximum capacity is approximately 25,000 cfs…)


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The water did not get into any of our lodging, only the basement in my house, which was only a few inches.  Minor inconvenience only…  🙂

Anyway, thanks to all for the concern; the emails and phone calls really meant a lot.  And a Special White River Shout Out to Ron & Dorothy K., and Stephen & Donna H.  These kind folks helped move stuff out of my basement in the middle of the night when the water was coming in…  Not exactly what I think people on vacation would necessarily want to do…  but they insisted, and it was really appreciated!

So – Big Water is Great for Trout Fishing…  Yes, I’ve put out around 12 guided fishing trips in the last few days, and have been out 3 times myself…  Had a nice 6 pounder at the boat and lost him, caught a bunch of others.  Lots of really nice fish being caught all over the place.  Fat Rainbows and lots of Browns.  Haven’t seen any cutthroats yet(?) but they’re out there.

At the highest point (approximately 20 Generators run at normal output) my husband decided he had to catch some on his fly rod, and he did; just had to get the fly down to them.  I’ve been spin fishing myself…  basically, get your river rig with a heavy sinker and drag pretty much anything across the bottom and you’ll pick them up without a problem.  Stay a little tighter to shore or just below islands, etc.

Yes, we’re back to renting boats, because right now it’s dropped to about the equivalent of 12 generators as we speak.  Experienced operators only until it gets a little lower, but it is dropping daily.  Best thing to do if you’re not an experienced river boater is to take a guide – they are really getting into this big water, and the energy level is really high.  This is great trophy water, folks.  These guys are catching ’em!

Folks are fishing from the bank, too.  Saw a little girl catch a good 3-4 lb Brown from someone’s yard!  Anyway, I have a few photos for you…

And yes, the first one is Dale, and yes, that is the boat beached by the sliding glass door to my house….  Like I said, it actually went in there a few inches, but once again – that house of mine is quite a bit lower in elevation than the resort’s lodging is.

So, that’s what’s goin’ on here…  Oh, yeah…  Before I forget; we just put up a new online reservation system for your convenience.  If you’re thinking of coming, you can make your reservation 24/7/365!  Kinda cool…  you can get to it from anywhere on the main website at http://www.HisPlaceResort.net

Once again, thanks to everyone who’s asked about us… we  just wanted you to know;

We’re Fine…  We’re Trout Fishin’…

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