The Kids R Alright

Corey Meier - kisses Brown Trout Goodbye!

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That's Right, Corey! give her a big kiss before you put her back in the River...

Hey, everyone!

Greetings from the White River.  Things are back to normal and I just wanted to share a few pictures of some of the great fish some of the kids are catching!  (OK, OK, I might be giving away my age a little bit…  some of these kids are actually in their early twenties… but they’re still KIDS to me!  Oh, yeah…  one gent is maybe a bit older than that, but he IS a Kid at Heart!)

It is definitely a hot summer, but it’s always cool on the water in the White River!  For over a week, the water has been dead-low in the morning, and comes up around 12:00 or 1:00 pm, usually up to 8.  People are wading in the morning, and boating in the afternoon, and the fishing is good either way!

Obviously, the planets are in alignment, and peace will reign throughout the universe!  (Well, at least in the Ozarks, anyway…  :-))

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