Bassmaster On Bull Shoals Lake

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Well, the 2012 Bassmaster Elite Series Trokar Quest was held here on Bull Shoals Lake from April 19-22…  and WOW!  What a tournament!  Youngster Brandon Palaniuk walked away $100,000 richer at the end of the 4 days with a 78 lb., 6 ounce stringer.

Many of you fish both the rivers and the lakes while you’re here, so you probably already know the nearly limitless fishing opportunities that exist in the Twin Lakes area.

Pros are referring to all the 16-inch bass as being from the 2008 “super spawn” that came when the lake was in flood stage throughout the spring. The “little bitty ones” were spawned last year, when the lake was even higher than it was in the spring of 2008.

The website at had excellent coverage of the entire 4-day event, but I wanted to share some of the comments made, and some of the specific blogs/articles posted below.

  • “I’m blown away. I really am,” said Jeff Kriet. “I had no idea. Honest to goodness, it’s absolutely amazing. Unbelievable.”…
  • …Britt Myers, a 37-year-old B.A.S.S. veteran from Lake Wylie, S.C., was similarly impressed.  “I probably had the best fishing day of my life,” Myers said of his 20-4 day, which put him in fourth place with a total of 35-3. “I might have caught more than a hundred. I don’t know.  “When I heard we were going to Bull Shoals, ‘I was like Bull Shoals?’ “You look at previous tournaments and it took like 14 pounds a day to win it. Then I come out here and catch them like I did today. It’s insane. I would rate this lake up with Pickwick.”…
  • …Greg Hackney, a 38-year-old B.A.S.S. veteran from Gonzales, La., who has qualified for 10 consecutive Bassmaster Classics, was similarly impressed.  “You can pull up on a ledge at Kentucky Lake and catch them like that, but not just on the bank, like you can here,” said Hackney, who finished just an ounce out of the cut with a two-day total of 27-1. “And they were keepers.  I don’t know that I’ve ever fished a place where you could just wind down the bank and catch keepers like this place.” …
  • …”We go to a lot of places,” said Kevin VanDam, who has won four Bassmaster Classic titles and seven Toyota Tundra Angler of the Year crowns. “But the number of smallmouth, largemouth and spots here, it’s unbelievable. This lake is on fire right now. It’s really special.”…

If you want to read some of the short, informative articles about the tournament, here are some of my favorites:

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