Name The Eagles 2012

Hello, everyone!

It’s that time of year again…  Our resident Bald Eagles, Isaac & Rebekah, have two healthy chicks, and you get to name them!

I would have usually announced this about a month ago, but I thought we lost one of the chicks…  actually, I was pretty sure we had…  and in case we lost both of them…  well, you see why I was going to wait…  kind of hard to have a “name the eagle chicks” contest when there were no chicks…

Anyway, I was taking photos with my husband’s camera and big lens, and lo and behold…  as I went through the photos, 4 of them clearly showed TWO chicks!  Both big and healthy.  As large as they are, and as close as they are in size, they are definitely two females.  So…

As we do every year, it’s time to let YOU name them!  Winner gets 1 free night of lodging in one of our smaller units, or one free full day boat & motor rental, including gas; whichever you wish.

So email me, Facebook me, Tweet me, call, write…  whatever your favorite method of communication is…  and NAME THE EAGLE GIRLS OF 2012!

2 Female Eagle Chicks, 2012, White River @ His Place Resort
2 Female Eagle Chicks, 2012, White River @ His Place Resort


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