Troutmaster Matt and 17.64 lb male Brown Trout at His Place Resort

Matt with 30 inch Brown Trout
Hubba Hubba – Matt with 30 inch Brown Trout

Hubba, Hubba indeed!  Matt with his amazingly awesome 30″ male hookjaw Brown Trout!  On a fly rod…  yes, on a fly rod!  Throwing a 10″ streamer…  caught near the dock at His Place Resort…

One thing I would like everyone to take note of…  other than this is an awesome Brown Trout!  Matt is demonstrating the correct way to hold a large fish…  his hand is over the tail, and he is gently squeezing DOWN (vertically), as this tends to calm the fish down.  Then, he is supporting the front of the fish under the belly.

This is the perfect way to hold a large trout, and the least stressful, and least likely way to cause damage.

Many have never held a larger trout before, and want to grab it in the gills.  Trout are not designed to grab in the gills in any way!  In addition to damaging their gills, you will likely rip out the entire gill plate, and the trout will not survive.  Thank you, Matt, for demonstrating the correct way!

After this quick photo op, this trout was successfully released, and he swam off like a rocket…  Maybe you’ll see him when you come…  He’s close by, folks…  very close by!

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