2013 Name the Eagle Chicks Contest at His Place Resort

Good morning, everyone!

Well, it’s that time of year again…  The chicks have hatched a little early again this year, so they are already big enough they are sticking their heads out of the nest!  We are reasonably certain that we have two again this year…  and again, you get to name them!

2013 Isaac and Rebekah - Name the Eagle Chicks at His Place Resort

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2013 Isaac and Rebekah - Name the Eagle Chicks at His Place Resort

That’s Rebekah on the left…  Obviously, she & Isaac are discussing how awesome their new chicks are…

The winner of the 2013 Name The Eagle Chicks Contest gets one night free lodging in one of our smaller units, 1-4, or a free full day john boat & motor rental of their choice.

Here’s all you have to do (yes, you must do all 3):

  1. Pick 2 girls names
  2. Pick 2 boys names
  3. Pick 1 boy and 1 girl name
  4. Email your choices to me at info@hisplaceresort.net (make sure to include your full contact information in case I don’t have it.)  Or facebook me…  or call me…  or send smoke signals!  however you like to communicate best is fine with me!

The reason we do this is because we can’t tell until much later into the summer whether we have 2 females, a male and a female, or two male chicks.  The difference in size does not become apparent until then.  (Female eagles are up to 50% larger than males…  with Rebekah being unusually large, even for a female, her female chicks have followed suit and soon outgrow their male siblings.  By August, it will be readily apparent what we have.)

2012’s winner was Stephanie M. with the names Maggie & Ellie.

Spring is finally here folks…  Help us name the Eagle Chicks!!!

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