Martha’s Day…

Hello, everyone!

Just had to share a little photo with you for today…  Martha and Robert just got here yesterday…  lovely couple…  and I happened to mention to Robert that he ought not be surprised if Martha out-fished him on their upcoming guided fishing trip, as it’s fairly common!  (I have my own ideas on why that is…  but for now I’ll just keep that to myself…)

Now, Robert was polite, but…  he said something along the lines of, “Well, that would be a first”…  with a little grin on his face…  Hmmm…  OK, I thought…  we’ll see…

Anyway, so out they go this morning…  and they came back to the resort for lunch…

Allow me to show you what Martha caught today…

Martha's Brown - 25 in., 7 lb

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Martha's Brown Trout, caught on guided fishing trip at His Place Resort, White River, Cotter, AR

Robert, Robert, Robert…  you see, I’ve seen that look before…  It’s OK, though…  Doubt turns to astonishment all the time on the White River…

but it might take a bit for Martha to let you live this one down, my friend…  as a matter of fact, I’m pretty sure it’s going to…  🙂

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