Fishing Report – 04/30/2013

Hello everyone!

Ok, so I know I’ve been promising weekly fishing reports – short & sweet.  The first thing everyone wants to know – what’s the water been doing?


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As you can see, they’ve run a little more water than they have been – the lake level is a little over 659.6 today, slightly over pool.  The simplest way to understand how much water this is showing is to remember that 1 generator is approximately 3300 cfs (when running at max).

The fishing has been good if you’re willing to change up.  When the water is changing, and one day it’s sunny, and the next day is overcast, you have to be willing to change what you’re using.

Spin (Bait) Fishers – on sunnier days, the power micetails in pink and white have been working well.  On the overcast days, smelt have been doing better, along with natural redworms.  Sculpins if you can catch them…  🙂

Lure Fishermen – bright days, rainbow and gold/black floating OR sinking Rapalas (depending on if the water is up or down).  Overcast days, silver/black is the ticket, along with anything that looks like a minnow.  Now, I had one gentleman that it was working exactly the opposite for…  he was doing great in the sun with silver/black.  I can’t explain that, other than to say, if what you are using is not working, especially when conditions are changing, try something else.

Fly fishermen – y2k’s, large streamers, and woolly buggers.  Again, size and color dependent on the conditions of the moment.  Typically, dark colors on darker days, and larger sizes with larger flows.  Fish are down and moving, not much on dries right now according to my guests.

And what fishing report would be complete without a picture of little Rebekah L…  her first fish, folks…  a very nice 23″ brown.  Rebekah just celebrated her 5th birthday…


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