Blueway is the Wrong Way!

Hello, everyone…

As a business owner, especially in the hospitality business, one lives with the fact that it is often best to keep your opinions to yourself and your mouth shut.  After all, people are here to vacation, relax and have a good time, not become embroiled in political issues.

But sometimes…

I’ve told you about the National Blueways designation that the government is trying to enact for the entire White River Watershed…  I’ve been holding my tongue, trying to learn as much as possible before putting forth an opinion…

Well, I’ve heard enough…  and I definitely have an opinion.

Folks, I believe this will turn into nothing more than a Giant Federal Land Grab.  The people who have been living here are taking great care of the White River, thank you very much.  We don’t need the government coming in with their empty promises and feel-good rhetoric.

The Blueway designation ignores state sovereignty and has a governmental aim to control more and more of what belongs to Arkansas and Missouri and their citizens.

Part of the “appeal” is the possibility to “more easily procure federal funding”…  There’s the bait, folks…  When we take free federal money, we become puppets in a government controlled show.

This is simply another case of, “I’m from the government, and I’m here to help…”  Have you ever known of any government program that didn’t come in, tax, regulate, penalize and eventually turn into a mis-managed train-wreck?

I’m sorry to sound so “conservative”, but puh-lease!!!!  This is the same government that fought us for 15 years on minimum flow, and fights us to this day to support the mitigation hatcheries around the country.

And now they want to “help”???

Thanks, but no thanks!

Several Arkansas counties have already passed strong “Resolutions To Oppose” anything having to do with this designation, and hopefully Baxter County will join the ranks July 2nd at the next Quorum Court Meeting.  (I wish the wording for the proposed resolution was stronger…  but that’s another story…)

At any rate, if you want to catch up; I have a lot of reading for you to follow further.

Anyway, for those of you who are residents of any county anywhere on the entire White River Watershed in Arkansas or Missouri, I strongly urge you to read up on this issue, contact all your local and state representatives, and vehemently oppose Blueways in any shape or form.


(I wish I could take credit for that phrase…  one of the most respected members of our community came up with that…  his initials are FLW by the way, and I know he’ll forgive me for using it…)

Let’s knock this thing down now while we still can.  It’s not good for the river, or the people that live here.

Thanks for listening!

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