Every-Day Heroes

Hello, everyone!

You know, sometimes people just inspire you…  knock you flat out of your sense of complacency…  revive your vision, make you more grateful, and just remind you of everything that’s important in life…  This week, I laughed, I cried, and I marveled at what I witnessed in these two families – all playin’ out on a little fishin’ trip in the Ozarks.

Everyone at the Boat Ramp 1st Day

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Everyone at the Boat Ramp the first morning. We started at Wildcat Shoals.

Well, that’s what the Rickman & Davis group did for us this week.  Two families, 8 people, great friends.  They’re my personal every-day heroes…  every one of them!  Sometimes life throws some serious curves at families, but this week I was blessed to see folks who overcome daily with a spirit of love and excellence.

Thank you all for sharing your vacation with us!  We love you all…

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