Fishing Report – 6/3/13

Hello everyone!

Time for the weekly fishing report!  As usual, we start off with the first thing everyone wants to know – what’s the water been doing?


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As you can see, they ran quite a bit more water earlier in the week, tapering off over last weekend.  Since 3300 CFS is the maximum (avg) one generator puts out, you can see over the 28th to the 30th, they spiked up to around 6 generators, my kinda fishin’!  Then, on the 31st, they dropped it down to nothing, then spiked it.  Guests reported that day (31st) the fishing being a little off, especially in the afternoon.

It’s been fairly stable the last few days, as you can see, with the water low in the morning, and coming up later in the day.


Spin (Bait) Fishers – on sunnier days, the power micetails in pink and white have been working well, and shrimp is coming back into fashion…  One new thing also working well is Gulp Fat Floating Troutworms in Natural (with the liquid).  On the overcast days, smelt have been doing better, along with natural redworms.  Sculpins if you can catch them…  🙂

Lure Fishermen – bright days, rainbow and gold/black floating OR sinking Rapalas (size and sink/float will depend on if the water is up or down).  Overcast days, silver/black is the ticket, along with anything that looks like a minnow.

Fly fishermen – y2k’s, large streamers, and woolly buggers.  Again, size and color dependent on the conditions of the moment.  Typically, dark colors on darker days, and larger sizes with larger flows.

To sum it up, with the exception of one day last week, fishing has been good.  Again this last week we alternated between sunny and overcast, lower and higher water.  When the water is changing, and one moment sunny, the next overcast, know that you might need to change up a little bit, and you’ll have a great time on the White River!

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