New, Easy, Very Lenient Cancellation Policy

Hello, Everyone!

We talk to people…  that’s part of what we do.  And when we gather that there is a trend, or something that a number of our guests are thinking or feeling, we act accordingly…  so, here’s a trend that we did something about, because we’re here to make YOUR lives easier!

Most folks feel things are getting better overall, but in contrast, their lives are also more hectic than ever…  And much of that is related to work schedules.  Not so long ago, people set their vacations in stone, even a year ahead of time, and not much changed it.  Not so much nowadays…

It is not uncommon for vacations get cancelled by work with little or no notice, a by-product of downsizing; less people doing more…  A surprising number of our guests are taking phone calls and using our internet to perform limited work duties in order to be able to go on their vacations in the first place.  This “new normal” has really ramped up over the last couple of years.

Bosses have asked folks to cut their vacations short, and in this day and age when your boss calls, you have to go home!  And with more and more people, issues come up last minute regarding responsibilities caring for parents and more…

The bottom line is this:  with our previous cancellation policy, where cancellations of 14 days or less could mean you were responsible for 100% of your entire reservation is just not working for you…  that means it doesn’t work for us either; let me tell you why.

When you’re afraid “something might come up”, you don’t plan your vacation ahead of time for legitimate fear of big cancellation fees.  You think to yourself, “We’ll just wait and see if we can get away last minute…”  Then when the last minute does come, you haven’t planned ahead…  oil’s not changed in the car, housesitters, babysitters or petsitters are not lined up, the list goes on…  then you don’t go on vacation at all.

Well, it’s not good for you, and therefore it’s not good for us either!

So, we totally reinvented our cancellation policy around what we believe we’re hearing you say that you need from us today…  We want you to feel relaxed and worry-free when you make a reservation with us.  Times change, and we hear you when you tell us that you need flexibility… We asked you what a good, easy to understand cancellation policy should be, and we listened!

So, effective immediately, we are now offering a very forgiving, if not the most lenient, cancellation policy of any of our competition.

We wish we could do away with it completely, but please understand that we rely almost entirely on reservations made in advance. Once we take your reservation, your lodging, guides, and boat rentals are no longer available, and we turn away all other requests. We also have to pay guides whether you fish or not.  Further, we don’t overbook like hotels to cover such occurrences. This policy protects you, our guides, and still allows us to operate our business.

Here’s the new deal:


  1. A credit card deposit is required at time of booking, either Visa/MC.
  2. Deposits are as follows:
    • Lodging deposit – 1st night + tax for each room reserved
    • Guided spin fishing trips – $125 (flat rate)
    • Fly fishing trips – $225 (flat rate)
    • John boats, canoes and kayak rentals – $0 deposit required
    • Campsites – $0 deposit required
  3. Deposits will be returned with 15 days or more notice of cancellation, change or postponement, less a $39 cancellation fee. (Multiple rooms or Guide Trips require 22 days notice.) We refund deposits by company check only, which will be postmarked within 1 week of your notice.
  4. No Shows or cancellations, changes and postponements occurring less than 15 days forfeit all deposits (22 days for multiple rooms or guide trips).
  5. Early departures pay for only 1 more night of lodging.  (Example:  Reserve 5 nights, stay only 2, pay for 3)  Early departures will forfeit all guide trip deposits.
  6. Downgrades to smaller units are allowed, but forfeit 1st night lodging deposit on larger room if notice is given less than 15 days (or 22 days for multiple rooms).

In order for us to maintain such a liberal cancellation policy, we must work together. Please, if you know you’re not going to make it, notify us as soon as possible. If you have any questions, please ask.

That’s it.  It is probably the most lenient, easy to understand cancellation policy of any of my competition.  Everything else (like check in, pets, no smoking, damages, boat dock services, etc.) stays the same.

I hope this helps you feel more comfortable about planning your vacation in the first place, or even the possibility of having to leave early.  I also hope it shows that we listen to you, and we care about making your vacation as stress-free as possible.

We look forward to serving you!

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