Trout Diva’s Overly Dramatic Guidelines for Handling Trout – Part 3

Welcome to Part 3 of “Trout Diva’s Overly Dramatic Guidelines for Handling Trout”


Been Watching the BassMaster Classic again, haven’t we???

I’ll be the first to admit, Bass just look really cool when they are being held with a thumb in their mouth and their lower jaw bent downward as far as it will go, making their mouth wide open…  it’s the “classic bass pose”, I think.

And it doesn’t seem to hurt bass…  If it did, I’m sure something would be done about it on that level in such venues.  But that style of holding a bass seems to have carried over onto the river, and I see people holding trout like that much too frequently…

Folks, you will break their jaw.  And yes, I’ve seen many trout with broken jaws!

Once again, until Jesus or the bio-genetic engineers at the hatcheries redesign and fortify a trout’s jaw…  just add “the Jawbreaker” to your list of ways NOT to hold a trout.  Here is what we’re talking about…


Besides that, when the trout get a little larger, over 16 inches, say…  their TEETH will rip you up when you put your thumb into their mouth!

“Oh, it’s OK because I wear gloves”, you tell me…  Uh-Huh…  (We’re gonna talk about that next…)

Trout need their jaws intact to survive.  There is absolutely no valid reason to hold them like this… just say “No” to the jawbreaker, and let that chunk eat another day!  We thank you!

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