Trout Diva’s Overly Dramatic Guidelines for Handling Trout – Part 4

Welcome to Part 4 of “Trout Diva’s Overly Dramatic Guidelines for Handling Trout


You probably have noticed at some point that trout don’t have the same kind of scales that most other fish do.  (some folks say they don’t have scales at all…  I beg to differ!  They are extremely small, but when they are cleaned in one of my kitchens…  well, trust me, they do have many, many tiny scales!)

Yes, the little slime balls are probably one of the slimiest fish around…  Jesus put the slime on trout for a reason, though!  It protects them from disease and parasites.

So, what do we need to remember here?  No Gloves, No Towels, No Dry/Hot Surfaces (like the bottom of a john boat!), and Always Wet Hands… Gloves, towels, dry surfaces and even dry hands knock off that protective slime and leave them susceptible to parasites & infection.

Have you ever seen a trout with a fungus growing on it?  That’s likely because the slime was removed from improper handling by anglers.

Winter fishers, I’m sorry, I know you’re going to be hatin’ on me here, but…  please…

Put extra hand-warmers in your pockets to reheat your hands but please Take The Gloves Off when you handle the little Slime Balls… and the Big Ones, too!  🙂

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