C & H Hog Farm Permit – CAFO Denial (hopefully)

OK, those of you who know me at all, even a little bit, know that I’m extremely conservative. So by default, I’m all for an individual’s or business’ property rights over the government (or anyone) telling someone what they can or cannot do on their own property.
Let’s just say, a fan of Big Brother, I am NOT!
But…  I’m going to make an exception here…
Allowing this C&H Hog Farm so close to the Buffalo National River was, at least in hindsight, a bad idea from the get-go. They got the land cheap and basically got this place going somewhat “under the radar”.  Although many people protested, there was no actual legal reason to keep them from proceeding. 
At the time, I wasn’t as concerned about it as I should’ve been because it seemed like they had taken adequate precautions to prevent any problems down the road. 
Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t happy about it. But in the big picture I think the rights of individuals and businesses take precedence in situations like this; because people and businesses deserve the benefit of the doubt, and I don’t believe you should take anyone’s rights away from them just because something might go wrong.
C&H did have a plan, apparently did everything that was required of them, and were eventually allowed to proceed.  With all the spotlight shining on them, I personally did not suspect there would ever be a problem.
But at the time, many people were very concerned that the pollution from this CAFO (concentrated animal feeding operation) would somehow get to our water table one way or the other.  Turns out, they were right.  It is starting to cause some problems and it looks like the ADEQ is going to deny their permit to continue business.
Going against anybody’s property rights is a really difficult thing for me.  But now, they’ve had their due process under the law…  They had their chance.  But unfortunately, C&H has proven that they can’t contain the facility properly.  So now, all bets are off as far as I’m concerned.  It needs to be shut down.
So, check out the information presented from the Friends of the North Fork and White Rivers, and comment to ADEQ by October 17 if you feel so led.
No, you don’t have to live in Arkansas to comment to ADEQ.  The Buffalo National River belongs to all of us.
 – Your White River Trout Diva