Get your Vintage ON with some Awesome Fred Arbogast Lures

Are you a vintage lure fan??? I’ve come across some great wooden lures!!! These are un-fished, still in the original packaging, Fred Arbogast AC Plugs. I have all 4 sizes, which were 5″, 7.5″, 9.5″ and 12″. I also have most of the colors in each size.

The Trout Diva has come across these wonderful vintage lures from a warehouse when production stopped around 1997, now I’m storing some of them locally.

These were sold for fishing Bass, Muskie, Pike, Salmon, Walleye, and yes… Trout!

I have them available to you on eBay, and most of the ones I’ve been selling are for people fishing with them, but still quite a few are being collected as well.

The packages are typically bent, dirty, torn or otherwise damaged, but the lures themselves are in very good to excellent condition. You won’t find lures like this any more, as they’re just too expensive to make.

Don’t know which ones to get? I’ve put together some packages for you on eBay for Muddy/Dingy water fishing and Night Fishing. Or just go with your fave color(s) in all 4 sizes. Shipping is free and free returns, too.

(and… if you’re into saltwater; we’ve got some of the Fred Arbogast Hula Squids, too!)

Check them out at our eBay store – Ozarks General Merchandise –

Your White River Trout Diva…