About Trout Diva

About your White River Trout Diva — Julie (Watts) Raines grew up on Lake Tapawingo, a small lake town about an hour east of Kansas City.  From the time she could walk, she always wanted to be around her father, who instilled his passion of fishing and love of nature in her.  She was taught to fish for bass & crappie at 6 years old, and spent most of her years growing up either in, near or around the water.

Her father, Robert R. Watts, spent much of his lifetime in the pursuit of fishing perfection, even writing a book on the subject.  It was he who influenced her life more than anyone else.

After September 11, 2001, Julie had an epiphany that her current “rat-race” lifestyle had to change immediately.  Upon returning home after this trajedy, Julie & her husband Steve decided to make a complete change.  By February, 2002, they’d purchased His Place Resort (formerly Chamberlain’s) and began their new life.  Julie’s never looked back.

As it turned out, Julie’s father’s favorite flyfishing spot was on the same stretch of the White River that the resort was on, and he used to fish there frequently before Julie was born…

Coincidence?  Nope — just a “God Thing”, if you ask Julie.  Her father and mother moved in with Julie & Steve at the resort for 4 years, at which point one of Julie’s siblings moved them to Kansas.

The love that her father had for the White River only deepened hers.  Julie fishes whenever she can (which she says is not nearly often enough) and when she can’t fish, she’s thinking about fishing, reading about fishing, and talking to customers and guides about fishing every day.

Her husband, Steve, is also a lifelong and accomplished fisherman and guide.   His in-depth knowledge of many different fishing disciplines not only makes for a great soul-mate & husband for Julie, but is beneficial to running the resort as well.

Julie’s goal is to make sure her guests have a good time on the White River, and helping them catch trout is one of the primary ways she achieves that goal.  And yes, the girl can fish for trout, too.  Just check out the video page on their resort website at www.HisPlaceResort.net, and you’ll see Julie at her best.

Julie’s life-long love of fishing, her ability to help her guests catch fish, and her committment, dedication and involvement for the betterment of the White River system make her deserving of the title, “White River Trout Diva”.

She is creating this blog to share information, tips & tricks, and just give you a sense of what it’s like living life on the White River in the Arkansas Ozarks.  And she wishes you “Good Fishin'”.